Save Osa Sea Turtles

Turtles-osaAbout the Sea Turtle of Osa

Osa peninsula is one of the most unique places on Earth. You can find there unique flora and fauna. Both animals and plats coexist together. They have found the perfect way to help each other survive the nasty environmental problems.

Sea Turtle of Osa

There are few types of sea turtles left. The reason for that is the lack of care of people. The only one thing that matters for people is to create a world where they will be happy. That’s why many different species died in the last years. Osa peninsula keeps one of the most precious specimens of sea turtles. Sea Turtles from Osa peninsula are unique creatures. Often they are found nesting around the Osa peninsula. There are only few sea turtles left.

That’s why the government is desperately trying to keep their number intact. Moreover, special programs and conversations are created to educate people to know more about their treasures in the sea.

Environmental treasure:

Why it is so important to keep your treasure intact? It is proven that the variety of flora and fauna one day will be crucial to the survival to mankind. It is known that the animals and plants are in tight relationship with the environmental. That’s why, as you may guess, sea turtles of Osa play really important part in keeping the balance because they are unique.


Several years ago, there were no any evidences for turtles on the beach of Osa. However, recent studies have showed that there are specific kinds of turtles that prefer the beach of Osa as their nesting place. The information collected about the turtles is not much but it is a start. Photographers have captured amazing photos of the turtles and because of that they popularity has grown. The place is perfect for the turtles to nest their little ones. It is a warm and safe place for them to raise their little turtle kids. There is little known information about the turtles but further studies will be conducted. It is proven that the number of Sea Turtles of Osa is very small. Through observation and close analysis it is estimated that their number doest not exceed more than 300. This is very unfortunate for people of Costa Rica because the beach of Osa is a national treasure of the country. That’s why they want to keep it clean.